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  • list of "faults"

    been surfing around today found a few... sellers taking chances. instead of making 50 thread's will post in this one, and update or edit as they come up. will exclude the last couple already done.

    1) Contact details :
    Flights - mango flight Durban JNB OR tambo 27th Sept 0740 to 0855 flight je23 for sale in Durban (ID:25384305)

    2) this one is ratteling my brain. Auction is R25 per point only. But thats not all buy now and you have to take all 40 points, and we will throw another outstanding levy you will have to pay of R1750 for the year 2010. But a R650 transfer fee is also needed. And The total outstanding on the investment is R32 000.00 to be paid by the buyer.
    Then a funny thing comes up. In the add it also says : Management fee is approx. R370 per month, but in Q & A he changes to : My current monthly instalments is R665.55 exactly.
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    This should be a classified otherwise the seller is trying to bypass BoB fees.

    Have you reported to CW?