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  • Advice required


    We purchased a camera from a seller on BoB and everything went really smooth.
    We then wanted to purchase another camera from the seller after ours got stolen.
    The seller then gave us the option to buy through BoB or directly from him/her.
    Since we dealt with this seller before, who has sold over 500 items on BoB, we paid the seller directly.
    However, we are still waiting for the camera. We got some replies from the seller with two empty promises of delivery.
    I also noticed that the seller's status has been changed to disabled. What does this mean?

    So what I want to know, is whether we can still report this to BoB community watch, since it is a BoB seller, even though the problematic transaction was not done through BoB? And how should we handle this?

    Please advice.

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    Unfortunately we cannot get involved in off site deals, as the transaction did not take place on our site and is directly between you and the seller.

    Kind regards


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      Can you advice us on what it means when a seller's status has been disabled?


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        Who is the seller?