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  • nash96 - A Fraud, Do not Bid on her items

    I have the misfortune of winning my bid of R150.00 to.. A month and 2 weeks later and i still have not received my item which she has confirmed is "lost in the post", refuses to give me a Tracking Number. In order for me to get her personal details from Bid or Buy i have to pay for a lawyer to give me a Letter of Demand. So, the bottom line is, I have to pay in oredr to get my money back. I'm adding this in as i don't want another to encounter the same misfortune as me. So please DO NOT BID ON HER ITEMS.

    Unhappy with Service.
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    Well I see her status is disabled - so BoB is probably checking it out now.


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      Hi Stitch01. I've never yet experience any problems with BoB in obtaining details. Have you spoken to Cuan? These guys are really on the ball and very helpful. You can also threaten her with the small claims court because a bid is a legally binding contract for both parties. You can also open a fraud docket at the local police station as this will not cost you anything. Send her the case number and I guarantee she'll be jumping sky high! Good Luck