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  • Thought this was not allowed - Advert as Louis Vuitton but not Louis Vuitton

    Happened to spot this
    Purses & Wallets - Louis Vuitton LV purse/ wallet RED was sold for R489.00 on 10 Oct at 23:46 by fancy jewels in Cape Town (ID:27101392)
    I personally can't see anything that says it is not authentic but the buyer gave a negative because it was not authentic to which seller replied he never said it was???

    There are also a lot of auctions like this that don't explicitly say they are authentic but say Dolce and Gabbana etc.

    Just want to confirm the rulings because there are a lot of auctions that use brand names like Ben10 etc but are not official items (or at least don't say official). Should we always ask if authentic first or is there a way of stopping this?


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    In my opinion, you shouldn't have to ask.. if the seller is advertising it as a brand name, then it should be just that. If it's a look-a-like or whatever you wish to call it, that should be specified in the listing description.. Just my two cents worth..
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      I agree with kebs, using the brand name for selling knock off's should not be allowed. Quality of a product go side by side with the brand name. If it is not the real deal the seller has to be upfront about it. Just my ten cents worth
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        This isn't allowed, period! If the item is indeed a FAKE, COUNTERFEIT, CHEAP, KNOCK-OFF, whatever you want to call it item, it shouldn't be there. Even saying so in the description, doen't or isn't supposed to make a difference. The buyer should report it to BOB. They will probably be asked to provide information that verifies it's a counterfeit item, which any Louis Vuitton outlet will do to combat the continued sale of these brand-infringing products. There are unfortunately in my opinion still loads of these unscrupulous sellers and tons of these items available on BOB as we speak. The problem is one would only really take the time to get the 'evidence' if one is personally affected.

        There are items being sold on BOB that are available on the street corner. I've tried reporting this myself to BOB on a couple of occassions and was asked to provide evidence that it is counterfeit. So now unfortunately, I see it and let it slide..... Oh, the seller I reported, was eventually blacklisted for whatever reason. But again, lots and lots more do exist...

        The seller currently in question FancyJewels has taken lots of ppl for a ride, it seems. None of the items are "Authentic"!
        And the audacity to still reply that they never said it was. Absolutely shocking!
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          This is not acceptable. Every seller has the responsibility of ensuring that the items are advertised correctly and are authentic. The seller has been warned and listings removed, and authentication has been requested. Unfortunately due to the huge number of items listed on the site we cannot police all of them nor investigate the authenticity of them, that is sometimes why we request further details/proof from you, to help speed up the process.

          Kind regards


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            My apologies too Cuan, in my previous post I forgot to mention that BOB is also very strict on this type of thing and do act as and when they can do so.
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              I don't think fancyjewels are the only sellers that should be made examples of.
              Cosmogirl is practically running a counterfeiting factory from bid or buy
              Handbags & Bags - LOUIS VUITTON LV RED HANDBAG - 42cm X 25cm for sale in Durban (ID:26613912)
              Handbags & Bags - LOUIS VUITTON LV BLACK HANDBAG - 34cm X 27cm for sale in Durban (ID:27519662)
              Handbags & Bags - LOUIS VUITTON LV SOFT GREY HANDBAG - 42cm X 32cm for sale in Durban (ID:27565211)
              as well as Xindy
              Backpacks, Bags & Briefcases - LOUIS VUITTON / LV White Man's Lady's Leather Bag FREE SHIPPING for sale in Pietermaritzburg (ID:27210053)
              and wyndol
              Purses & Wallets - **Louis Vuitton Black Beauty Hand Purse/Wallet** for sale in Cape Town (ID:27674661)

              This is illegal!!! All items are fong kong from Hong Kong! Louis Vuitton handbags and wallets cost THOUSANDS, not hundreds.


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                - I will ship within 3 business days after the payment have been received.
                - Item will to be shiped from Shanghai China by International Express.(take around 10-14days)
                -all my items will be delivered at your door
                -R150.00 for 1ST 1KG addition 500G plus R55.

                This says it all


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                  It will be interesting to see the sellers response to my questions as to whether these items are fake and if made in France , why shipped from China ?
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                    Dodgy Louis Vuitton

                    This one caught my eye and has a hint of dodgyness Handbags & Bags - LOUIS VUITTON BAGS for sale in Clanwilliam (ID:27681853)
                    Joined on the 17th, claims items are authentic but then why are they listed like this?


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                      Please be advise we are in the process of investigating these sellers. The sellers were requested to supply the necessary proof before 12h00 or the items will be be removed. Thank you The Bag Lady for the notification as the user was blacklisted due to invalid contact details been registered.

                      Thank you to all for the contributions for making the site a better and safer place to trade.
                      Kind regards,

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