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  • Is this what one can call a "BOB Freudian slip?!"

    Accessories - SHERLO - 14 Channel Relay Board (32 Remotes per Relay) for sale in Pretoria / Tshwane (ID:23689348)

    Hi,I need a 3X remote(TX6)and a reciever do you have stock and the price? - Asked by desmond26 (21 )
    26 Aug 07:58

    Update by Desmond: !!

    Hi desmond. My name is Pierre. Send me your detail and I will forward a quote to you. You can contact me on the business number.

    Is this what one can call a "BOB Freudian slip?!"

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    The link to them is also on that page......Very "" indeed...


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      Question: hi, taking fat chance ,,, lost my LAST XP disk , can u mabe list a copy for me to buy from you???...Thanx

      UPDATED: 04 Nov 15:08

      how much? - Asked by mrpawnbrokers (967 )

      Answer: okay

      Update: Blacklisted [khathu20 (-1)]

      What the..., frikkadel?!


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        The Freudian slip of the month... (Thus far?)

        BOBs' own[ed] Country songwriter: "ROBBIE1987 "

        Originally posted by ROBBIE1987
        Admin blacklists new seller account's maybe a guy trying to make a living) just to impress sellers, Without investigation whatsoever just because someone suspected the seller then it's.. KABOOM!!

        This is unfair ! (Meanwhile, back at Robbies' cattle farm..., ....)
        Reality check update:

        Originally posted by admin
        Hi ROBBIE1987,

        Where to begin...? [ Reading between the lines, more like: " man!!?"]

        [1] You registered with an invalid ID number.
        [2] You changed your address 3 times.
        [3] You copied item 27230130 from ClearenceCorner completely.

        [28] There is more, should I continue ?

        Please supply the documentation requested to have your selling status re-instated and keep your account from being blacklisted.

        Thank you.

        Damn! BOB are such polite gentlemen to these [TRUE] cheecky scammers...

        PS Just saw his profile...: "ROBBIE1987 has not made any friends yet"

        PPS Sorry...: LOL!!!!


        Buyer Feedback for ROBBIE1987 (3)

        26 Oct 2010

        This seller is a fraud DO NOT TRUST HIM he does not honor his transactions and he lies I have proof!!!!!!!!!!!!! - by Dan de Villiers (65**)
        Last edited by Edmund1000; 09-11-10, 00:39. Reason: PPPS!


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          I see you're having fun here lol Anyway keep the updates going !


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            Originally posted by jacque31 View Post
            I see you're having fun here lol Anyway keep the updates going !

            Is it so obvious?! \/

            Join in!

            PS Humor; wit, dry-eyed or plain wry, plays a big part in my life... But that here are opportunistic-inclined people... ~Winks~ and, nasty scammers sneaking between us, is a sobering and sometimes, a bitter fact.


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              Yeah it's obvious lol . . . anyway I was only joking! Always good to keep the scammers on their toes


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                Question: if you want cash deposit or EFT ? i will do in by 2pm my offer 16000.00 - Asked by tousifhaji (12*)
                01 Oct 11:48

                Answer by...

                Sorry, Unless you are in CPT and deal with me face to face this will not work :( - BoB listing fees are 3.4%.

                [ ...]

                I'm available on skype.


                Twenty4Karat ...

                BoB listing fees = 3.4%, Skype = 24KT... Yea right...

                Item listed:...Gold Medallion - Starting Bid R440,000.00 (No Reserve)


                this question is not with regards to the current item.-I would like to find out if you buy back any collectable coins - 5oz mandela nobel peace gold medallion? - Asked by mkesa (5)
                21 Sep 08:47


                I'd be interested in buying at the right price. Want to talk on skype? []

                Regards, Twenty4Karat

                R32 000 cash on monday
                UPDATED: 16 Jul 21:03
                20th July. Please let me know. - Asked by naidoo7 (14*)
                16 Jul 21:02

                Hi, Sorry but your offer is too low...

                I still have to pay 3.4% success fee after :( Willing to sell one set to you for 34k. You pay for shipping too.

                Skype: Twenty4Karat

                LOL? I think not...
                Last edited by Edmund1000; 10-11-10, 13:41. Reason: Minor update.


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                  BUCKS_N_GEMS (579 )

                  Status is Disabled

                  100.00% positive ratings

                  Located in Pretoria / Tshwane

                  Member since 23 Jan 2010

                  Purchases from this Verified User are protected by bidorbuy's Buyer Protection Programme up to R3,000.00 subject to these terms and conditions.


                  PS & NB: Facial-expression update pending... Mind blank - just for all the ignorant BOBs' members record, only...
                  Last edited by Edmund1000; 10-11-10, 20:05. Reason: Adding tactical tact... ~Blinks~


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                    Hehe, just love it!
                    "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness" - Chinese Proverb
                    "Be always at war with ur vices, at peace with ur neighbors and let each New Day find u a better Person"


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                      Originally posted by BeadsandBaubles View Post
                      Hehe, just love it!

                      ~You surely have my kind of humor!~

                      Thank you for being your REAL you, here too!!!


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                        PS Your current avatar oozes so much self-confidence - Trusting alone in your Maker?! Lovely!!!


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                          Comment to: bothad2006 (4824 ) Blacklisted

                          Comment by GVAN (255 ) Blacklisted: I hope you can live with your conscience taking money and then not deliver the items you advertised. Lucky 4 others BOB has now blacklisted you.
                          ...! You know...

                          Is a pot calling the ketttle black, not also a kind of "BOB, Freudian slip" here?!


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                            Originally posted by MediaTech View Post
                            Shame, I actually feel sorry for Allas as they seemed to be doing so well and then...

                            Something went wrong suddenly and now he is having a hard time rectifying all the issues, and they seem to be building up....

                            I can understand that sometimes things go wrong and then out of nowhere it just snow-balls until you don't even know where to start sorting it out...,

                            it's happened to me before and it is an awe full place to be
                            So sad to see man!

                            Hi you too. (Two...)

                            I truly wish both of you two too: the best of your true character...

                            Please keep most of your buyers and friends not in the dark by being wilfully uncommunicative... For your placidity, can be many a time become very toxic to Hope...


                            PS It is to me not about the silly money I lost... It's about a person I truly trusted... Money is nothing! For dust can also be accumulated with very hard work...


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                              10:24 [5-12-2010] pin_nacle Viewing Thread: R500 reward! Calling all members!