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    On 4 November I purchased an item from the seller COWBOYSANDANGELS. My bobPay payment to the seller was completed the following day, on 5 November.

    The seller was quick to communicate when I asked a question about the item and also when I requested confirmation of the total amount due. However, communication from the seller ceased once my payment had been completed.

    When I completed the order, I included a note that the seller must please provide me with the parcelís tracking number. I have not heard from the seller since 4 November; there has been no acknowledgement of my payment, feedback or any indication about shipping or the tracking number.

    I sent two emails, on 8 Nov and again on 10 Nov, asking for the tracking number. These emails have been ignored. Today, 11 Nov, I have left the seller negative feedback (which I am willing to change later) in the hope that this will prompt a response.

    The seller has a bad track record in terms of not shipping items promptly, as evidenced by the amount of negative, as well as neutral, feedback that they have received.

    Given the sellerís feedback, it seems that they consistently provide bad service. The seller is now at 92,05% positive feedback.

    See the following: All ratings received by COWBOYSANDANGELS on

    How long can a seller carry on giving bad service without there being an intervention?

    Vintage Collectables
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    Still no tracking number from seller

    Hi all

    An update to the message I posted a few days ago.

    As of today, 16 November I still donít have a tracking number for my parcel, or any indication that the item was sent.

    I paid for the item 11 days ago.

    The seller emailed me on Thursday promising to email me the tracking number on Friday. I have emailed again several times without getting the promised tracking number.

    I tried phoning the seller and their voicemail box is full and not accepting any messages.

    I really want to receive the item I paid for

    Please, can someone suggest what to do? Must I contact BoB?
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      Hi Vintage_Collectables,

      Please send a detailed email to

      Thank you.
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        SELLER Seems to be more of a cowboy than an angel


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          These sellers are notoriously slow with shipping and responding. However they are very quick to respond to questions about items so it is not like they don't have net access ...

          I think they have their priorities wrong - after they get paid!
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            Thanks, Admin. I have forwarded an email with the details to you.
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              Slow to post sellers are definitely NOT angels!
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