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  • I was reported what do i do?

    Hello Forum,

    I am glad i was introduced here yesterday and can now see other users points as to how useful it really is.
    (I hope this is the right place to put this message).

    I received a community watch report saying i dont sell
    items on hand... but i have replied to the email and attached pictures of some of my items as i cannot fit them all on the camera picture.

    I dont know what else to do to prove i do have the items
    i am selling. I have put my username in the picture myself to prove this.

    I dont know why people do this, do i have anything to worry about??

    Please help!!!

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    Dont get in a knot, the community watch report is automated if anyone reports you. Bid or Buy staff will assess the report and if they have any issues they will contact you.
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      dont stress as long as the accusations are not true , you have nothing to worry about , even though you recieved the notification , bid or buy will still investigate if they feel the need to and you obviously already have all your ducks in a'll get use to the community watch notices
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        it sounds like there is a brainless, short of plates in dinner service out there today, reporting people
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          Hi there BeDazzling, Babyface is correct. We get that sometimes where people just report us for the sake of reporting someone. You can just read through all the threads on the forum and you will see how many of us have gone through that at some stage. And there are even times when it ends up in one big argument here on the forum, present company included ;-).

          I would not worry about it, as long as you replied to the email and stated your case. And it is a good idea to keep receipts and other purchase proof close at hand just incase Bennet or Bertus phone and request these. And it is a good idea not to get angry with them as they as just doing there job to follow up on reports. I have been there now a few times and I am sure most sellers have been there at sometime.

          But don't get negative or discouraged as this is just the way BoB goes. Every day is an adventure here


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            Thats correct, they sometimes threaten even if you have a valid reason to have your bid deleted they threaten to report you


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              Originally posted by Snet View Post
              Thats correct, they sometimes threaten even if you have a valid reason to have your bid deleted they threaten to report you
              Now I cannot think of any "valid reason" to have my bid deleted ... Perhaps you could enlighten us, Snet?
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                It was an auction long time ago. in 2009 when I had a cashflow problem.