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  • Another 1 or not?

    Seller since 16 April, no ratings: MacBook Air - Apple Macbook Air !! for sale in Johannesburg
    I'm looking for a Mac but wouldn't part with 11 grand to a new seller. Surely they should have to get verified if selling a big ticket item for their 1st sale...or would that involve too much hassle for BoB?

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    Hi p850

    Please be advised that the seller been asked to supply us with documents to verify the details registered.

    However please be advised that bidorbuy can not just do verification checks on a user without there consent.
    Morne Booysen
    Security Enforcement Officer


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      There is no rule stating that you must be verified first if you sell a high price item as your first time, maybe recommended but not a must. Will be to the benefit of the seller and will give peace of mind to the buyer. So ultimately you have to make the choice if you want to buy from this seller or not.


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        Even if sellers supply us with there details there would still be no guarantee that they are who they say they are or that you will or will not receive the item ordered, as identity theft happens on a daily basis around the world in any industry.

        Therefore it would still be up to the buyer to practice the necessary safety precautions.
        Morne Booysen
        Security Enforcement Officer