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  • Negative rating from 1st time buyer

    Hi There

    Item sold Other Vacuum Cleaners - Handheld vacuum - Homeline was sold for R65.00 on 16 Jul at 14:16 by sas230518 in Sasolburg (ID:23694220)

    Mails going forward and back.

    This is the last mail I recieved from her.

    Dear Werner
    It was only R105.00 spent, but it was my R105.00. I suppose this is a lesson well learnt, but I must admit this experience has left a rather bitter aftertaste

    This is the last email I sent to the buyer after she gave me the negative rating, stupid me gave her a positive rating after I recieved payment.(lesson learned - wait before you rate)

    Hi Waheeda

    Thanks for the negative rating

    I understand it is your R105 , but it is my business. Product was sold as new, packaging still sealed with no guarantee and warranty. That, you could have seen in the listing and is definitely not hidden from the buyers. I told you from the beginning I do not know anything about the product. You asked me about the capacity and if it uses a bag, that I did answer to the best of my knowledge. Would you prefer it to buy products that is open, because then you will probably say that it is second hand. In the end it was your decision to buy.

    I would like some comments on this.
    1. What does no guarantee and warranty mean???
    2. Is it possible to put in my reply on her comments after her negative rating(for other buyers to see).
    3. Is it possible to get rid of the negative rating?

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    You need to get hold of and ask them to help you with the negative rating. BoB are very, very fair about negative ratings. Don't forget to give them all the info, including auction number and order number, copies of emails between you and the buyer, etc. Good luck.
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      hi SAS contact bob with this info i am sure they will be able to help you