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  • Is this an unfair rating?

    @ our very first negative (make that two!) - All ratings received by RAG Auctioneers on

    How are the photos misleading? They are of the EXACT items sent off and they went for quite a bargain may I add!! Those skeins sell for R20 EACH!
    We take photos of every single item we auction off - now we get these kind of comments? Very discouraging...

    I feel this rating is very unfair. I would just like to hear what you guys think? Did we deserve these ratings?

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    Maybe this buyer has no experience with embroidery cotton and expected the skeins to be larger than they are. Anybody who has worked with embroidery thread knows what the average size is, so this could be considered an unfair rating as the average person would know what they are getting.
    Maybe you should consider adding the weight in grams to these listings.


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      No, I certainly do not think you deserved these ratings, RAG. Appeal to BoB - they are known to be very fair with these situations and they can remove the negatives if they know you've been unfairly rated. Good luck
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        I've never embroidered in my life but I know these skeins are small. The average person would certainly know this.

        I.M.O. this is a very unfair rating.

        I do agree with Tananka ... include the weight next time. Some people use negative ratings the same way the Americans use their legal system. They use it just because it's there.
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          Maybe this Buyer has a very big teacup if he can fit it in there!
          I really think that buyers need to contact sellers first before they leave negative feedback. Most issues are usually sorted before negs are left. Bad communication on the part of the buyer!
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            git negative rating from buyer also very insulting calling me a thief. do not know how to paste thingies in here. please look at my ratings. please can some one just give me the email address direct to bob as i would like to forward my emails sent to buyer so as to have negative removed.
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              Hi babyface

              I haven't looked at your ratings, but if you want to appeal, you can send your email to
              Attach any emails relating to the transaction and explain what happened. They are very fair about these things.
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                thanks tanaka
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