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  • Unfair rating?

    A quick question

    I sold an item on the 15th February 2010 and the buyer chose to select regular post of R5.00 which means it goes into a standard envelope and gets posted. The buyer chose this option despite me telling him there is no recourse if the item goes missing or tracking number and the add also stated this.

    I have now today received my first negative rating from him (9 months later) stating that he has never received the item. I cannot even look up this item anymore as it was so long ago. My old computor that I used at the time has also given up the ghost so I cannot even pull out the old email where I notified when I mailed the item. I keep records of all my sales and emails, apart from the ones that were on the old computer when it crashed.

    I am not to concerned about the negative rating as i know that when buyers look at my other ratings they all say that i ship the item fast and that they have had a good experience buying from me. What bothers me is that someone can come back anytime (9 months in this case) and just go ahead and rate anyway they want.

    Is this an unfair rating in your opinion? Will BOB do anything about it if I bring it to their attention?

    I also seem to not be able to find where I respond to his negative rating. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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    I think that this is an unfair rating. Send an e-mail to and explain your situation to them. They will investigate the matter and decide if the rating should stand or be removed. You can reply to the rating in your Bidorbuy account. Just select the sale and the "reply" option will be next to the Negative red (smiley) face on the sale.
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      Thanks Digitrade

      I am probably a bit dof but I cannot find the reply button. If i look under All ratings received I can see the red face and the rating but there is no reply button. Also dont see it if I open the actual page where it was sold. Maybe because it was so long ago?


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        African Fly Angler

        Go to your sellers tab listing your current sales.
        Click on Advanced search. Select 1 year or 2 years from the Past option.

        You can refine by searching for the buyers username.

        Once you get to the original order you can reply to the rating.
        Hope this helps.
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          Thanks, I have tried this but it keeps on telling me that the date range cannot be more than three months.