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  • Seller has not rated me

    Apologies if a forum for this question already exists.
    I have not yet received a rating from a seller (not +, 0 or -) after completion of transaction. I've requested that he rates me - after prompt payment and receipt of the goods. I have rated him, but what do I do now?

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    Wow your seller seems to be quite big, making them probably quite busy. But this is no excuse in my opinion, I make a point of rating every single one of my buyers and sellers, I don't find laziness an excuse, things like this annoy me... :(

    I don't know if there is anything you can do to get their attention, just don't change their rating to neutral or negative now cos that would be unjustified. I guess you can only email and wait. Perhaps send him a q7a directing him to this thread to let him know that such apathetic service is not tolerated and does get noticed.


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      One possible solution may be that a system block is put on which disallows a buyer to rate a seller unless the seller has already rated the buyer for the particular item - then again, that can also be abused and may well open a can of worms


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        Sad to say, but I've had two "raw deals" regarding ratings over my time here.

        First buyer (Feb/Mar 2008) bought literally hundreds of items from me, yet only rated maybe about 10% of the items.

        Second buyer (from Dec 2008) bought stacks of Swarovski beads, rated me on less than 10% of the transactions, then claims she is too busy to do the rest of the ratings (in reply to a friendly email).

        Once again the seller loses out!

        Take a look at any seller's ratings - total items sold versus the total of the ratings received.

        By example, my total items sold stands at 4529, yet add the ratings together and you'll only get 3579 - a massive 950 ratings "missing"! If only I had a few more of those missing ratings - I'd be so much closer to my gold star!

        Wish there was an easier solution instead of just grinning and bearing it! I'm proud of the work I do and how I serve my buyers - pity the feeling wasn't mutual! (ie appreciated!)
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          That is just the sort of abuse that I was talking about - I can not understand people who either do not pay immediately, or who do not rate - to me it is a question of good manners at the very least.

          Perhaps that is a sign that I'm getting old as the people who do delay payment and/or do not rate are probably the same people that never say "Good morning", "Thank You" or who give you a very funny look when you wish them "Happy Christmas". As they say in Yorkshire "there is none queerer than folk" - not that I come from Yorkshire but in this instance I'll gladly use their saying.


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            Eventhough I agree with what you are all saying here, we are all wasting our time, some people just don't care.

            This subject has been discussed in numerous threads on this forum and always the same conclusion.

            It is the buyer/sellers choice if, when and how he rates you. As long as he does not abuse the rating system.

            Happy Bidding and Buying
            Oops! ...........................and rating. :lol:
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              I was brought up to show general courtesty where ever I go, or with whom ever I deal with. It irritates the daylights out of me now days when people can't even have the simple manners (ie please, thank you, good morning, etc)!

              What also irritates me is if you call someone - example:

              "Hi, this is Janet, I'm calling from Cali Craft, how are you?"
              "I'm fine"
              "Uhm, can I please speak to ...."

              Then to end the conversation:

              "Thank you, enjoy your day further"
              "Ok, bye"

              What's wrong with simple manners? I can't say "has that gone to the dogs too?" cos my dog has better manners than some people I've come across!

              Sadly, as Bube has stated, one cannot force the seller or buyer to do the ratings - you can only hope like hell that they do, and that it is positive! You still get some buyers (and sellers) who simply cannot be pleased no matter what!
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                Just had a thought - maybe a change to the way that ratings are calculated could assist. Currently I understand that ratings are calculated as percentages of good/bad/ugly in relationship - if this was perhaps changed to become in relation to total number of items sold or bought a very different rating may appear. This may just motivate sellers/buyers to rate especially if the ratings then fall below a particular level which would prohibit people from selling, or here's a thought, from buying. I need to think it through, but it may be a possibility.

                Another option may be that buyers can't bid on another item until they have rated their previous purchase if such purchase was more than 14/21 days before their current bid. (same logic/rationale could also be applied to sellers).


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                  The reason so many buyers don't rate is because they spend so much less time in 'My BidorBuy' than sellers do. We as sellers are constantly confronted with the 'Recent buyers requiring feedback' link so we're far more likely to click it and sort it out.

                  Anyway, that's the least of the problems with the ratings system. As it stands I never give bad ratings regardless of the service because I know I'll get a revenge rating in return. It's all a bit pointless in my opinion. Not even worth worrying about.


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                    re buyers not bothering to rate sellers

                    An idea which I know isn't implementable: introduce a written multiple question quizz which every user has to complete & pass to gain / keep access to their BoB account. This would force users to become aware of trading conditions, what's expected, what's unacceptable, decorum... Wishful thinking, I know, but it would go a LONG WAY to minimising the amount of unnecessary time which sellers spend to & fro-ing emails to buyers, especially newbies. It's quite incredible how a buyer will, for example, refer to the size of the photograph of an item, choose to ignore the text where exact dimensions are specified, then claim that they expected an item "as big as in the photo" - after having bought a thin bracelet. Never mind the fact that monitor size & resolution will determine the size at whch a user sees a photograph. These same buyers don't complain when they buy a car yet have seen a photo of it which is 20x smaller than the real size of the item, do they? OK, had my little rant.


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                      You've raised some valid points there - especially with regards to the size of the image - you can state "highly magnified" to your hearts content, and you'll still get the buyer who complains that he / she didn't know the items were so small...

                      Then the colour issue too - got a poor rating the other day because the gem wasn't as "lively" as in image - uhm... compare daylight against artificial lighting against studio / professional lighting as used in some photography and tell me the item looks the same all the time!
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                        Look at this seller. Over 600 ratings from buyers, but not 1 rating given back.


                        Is this fair?
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                          I just checked, and he's given over 28 pages worth of ratings?


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                            ^^ I don't really get what you mean bube02, the link you posted is a link to the ratings he has given to buyers of his items...


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                              My point is that he has never rated a buyer.
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