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  • Buyer refuses to give rating

    Hi all,

    Please can you provide me with some advice? I recently sold an item to a buyer, and after he made payment, I gave him a positive rating. When his payment finally reflected in my bank account (it took a while, because it happened over new years') I posted his parcel to him.

    Now he has received his parcel, but just ignores my requests for him to rate me, even though I've already given him a positive rating. I've tracked his parcel, and he has definitely received it already, so there should be no reason on his side to not want to give me rating.

    What can I do about this? Should I change the rating I gave him to a negative one until he rates me? It's hard enough as it is starting out as a new seller on bob without buyers like him making it more difficult to build a good reputation.

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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    Hi JVR1978
    Don't take it so seriously & don't don't don't change the rating you gave him, he paid you timeously and so you need to give him a positive for that.
    You will find as you sell more on BOB, that many many buyers don't bother to rate at all. It doesn't necessarily mean they are not satisfied with their purchase it just means that they don't take the rating side of things as seriously as the sellers do.
    Also just 1 request for a buyer to rate you is enough, perhaps when you send the tracking number something along the lines of "I would appreciate your rating when you receive item &/if you find it satisfactory".
    Anything more than 1 request & you are liable to work on their nerves ;)
    Remember as a seller when you receive payment & transaction is smoothly concluded, you need to rate your buyers positive, if & when they return the favour is up to them.

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      Help - Ratings

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          I agree with voldermort. Many buyers don't bother to give ratings and it's not worth getting one's knickers in a knot about it.
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            I am the most fortunate. I got 21 Ratings of 100%.


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              Thanks to everyone who replied for your advice. Like you said it's not worth getting upset about. What ticks me off, though, is that this particular buyer is a seller himself, so one would imagine that he would have the common sense to be fair with his sellers/buyers...

              Ah well, I should probably be thankful that he actually paid me LOL
              Thanks again!


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                I have the opposite situation, where I bought and placed order on 15 December and paid immediately and I received my item on 17 December.
                Everything about the seller was first class so i rated positive.

                However he has not rated me. Strange.....

                Also it can be possibly be that some people are on holiday or holiday mood, so ratings are not a priority for everyone.

                I will only get worried/annoyed if I am rated negative! :)


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                  Just be patient. I had buyers rate me weeks after the sale. A lot of buyers will also neglect to rate you. Just go with the flow.
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                    It is frustrating when you are new and trying to build up ratings. But unfortunately there is nothing much you can do about it.

                    You already have two positives and the positives as a buyer also count in your favour. So "don't worry be happy". They will roll in eventually.
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                      Thanks for all the good advice guys, really appreciate it ;)


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                        Hi JVR1978

                        Pressurising a buyer to rate you might end with him/her rating you negatively, which is worse than not being rated at all. Keep up the good service and the positive ratings will come in time.



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                          Some users insert a little note in their parcels. Something in the line of:
                          thanking you for your purchase. If you found their service pleasant they ask you to give them a positive feedback. and if you have had any problems to please contact them before leaving a neutral/negative so they can resolve, replace or refund.

                          I think its quite cute.
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                            Hi All,

                            I put this line in all my emails to the buyers "The whole bidorbuy system works on ratings, so please remember to rate me after you received the item, I will rate you as soon as the money cleared in my bank account." with the link below and the bidorbuy logo just above the link. ;)

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                              Nice line Andries
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