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  • Seller rating: should SAPO/CUSTOMS delivery times influence "seller ratings"?


    Could anyone point out what the Bidorbuy policy is on giving ratings to sellers, specifically pertaining to delivery times which may exceed the "estimated delivery time", but in the case where deliveries are made via SAPO in conjunction with CUSTOMS?

    A seller could execute perfectly and have parcel in the "system" the same day, but then delays are experienced at SAPO/CUSTOMS, over which the seller has no control. The seller could deliver excellent communications, follow-up and 110% service, and yet receive a neutral or negative rating due to delivery times exceeding the norm.

    Does a "seller rating" include the CONTROLABLE actions of the seller exclusively, or does it also include the UNCONTROLABLE factors (delays by SAPO/CUSTOMS)?

    In other words, does a "seller rating" relate to the overall buying experience or the service of the seller exclusively?

    Thank you in advance for the reply.

    Juane Reichert

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    Ratings Q&A
    Before posting about giving or receiving a rating, ask yourself these questions: Did you complete your side of the deal as stated in the advert? Have you given the BUYER adequate time to respond or get the goods to you? Have you given the SELLER enough time to respond or deliver the goods? No POLLS will be allowed in the forum.
    Hi asianetix,

    I have removed your Poll.

    bidorbuy encourages its users to 'rate' each other. Ratings are dependent on actual experiences that users like you have while buying and selling. Buyers rate buyers(This should read Sellers) based on seller service and product quality. Seller rate buyers depending on ease of transaction, receiving payments etc. There are three kinds of ratings - Positive, Negative and Neutral.
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      Hi Juane
      Unfortunately, human emotion is the major deciding factor when rating.
      If you feel you have been unfairly rated due to something beyond your control, you should discuss this with the buyer. He/she can change the rating if they wish.

      If that doesn't work, you can respond to the rating. At least then anyone reading the rating can decide if they feel the rating was fair or not.

      I had a look at your listings. You make it very clear that you are in Taiwan, and mention that postage can take up to two weeks. If I were purchasing from you, I would allow a bit of extra time for unexpected delays.

      It's unfortunate that you have a neutral so early on, but the tone of the rating is positive so don't worry about it.
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        Ratings: controlled vs uncontrolled factors

        Dear mellowred

        Thank you for your reply.

        I'm pleased to see that there are people reading the threads and showing some concern for the well-being of all participants involved.

        I'm not satisfied if the buyer is not satisfied. I can't live with being average.

        We clearly state that delays might occur at SAPO/CUSTOMS and we assume buyer has read such details, and will use some discretion if such event occurs.

        In this case, the buyer ordered the product on "day 1". We state that pmt is required within 24 hours after ordering. Only after sending a reminder, the buyer indicated on "day 3" that pmt will be made same day and show on "day 4". Regardless of the inconvenience, we have not criticised or complained at all. We offered a positive rating. We can live with showing some patience.

        We got the parcel in the system within 24 hours after confirming payment. We continuously checked delivery status and kept buyer updated. We have done everything possible and within our guidelines. Some factors are not within our control. Instead of the ESTIMATED 14 working days, the parcel arrived after about 16 or 17 working days.

        I wish that BOB as authority would point out that delivery delays experienced by SAPO/CUSTOMS should not be included as factor when rating a seller. It is not logic. Totally different ball game if a private express service is employed... but this is not the case.

        I wrote same email (content) to buyer requesting for a re-evaluation. But without response as yet.

        Is it possible to comment (as seller) on a neutral rating?

        Does BOB offer a channel for raising these concerns?

        Thank you for attending to the issue.

        Kind regards,

        Juane Reichert


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          BoB do delete unfair ratings, however as this one is neutral and written in a positive way, I doubt they will step in.

          Yes you can respond to a neutral rating.

          Go to "my bidorbuy"
          "seller view"
          "all sales" (middle right hand side)
          under the column "buyer rating you"
          click on "reply"

          You can then type in your response to the rating.

          I believe a brief, polite, diplomatic response will prove your willingness to deliver as stated in your listings.

          But at the end of the day: the rating is not bad at all; You have really good ratings other than this one; people won't always rate in a way you feel is fair; Just accept this one - you still have 100% ratings :).

          Good luck and keep us posted.

          Kind regards

          PS : how can we possibly define average? ;)
          Items I have for sale.

          Why do today what you can put off till next year?


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            Note: ratings

            Dear Mandy

            Thank you for your reply and instructions.

            My application for verified seller status has been denied several times (I make a quarterly request), due to location (abroad) for one reason (or perhaps my emails are dealt with by same employee - not offering a fresh perspective), even though I am a SA citizen with SA bank accounts and clean financial records. Of course status affects reputation, trust, sales and income.

            Because of the above issue, we value our positive ratings as essential. We don't expect help from BOB with verified seller status.

            Neutral is average. If we have done what we can and should, we believe neutral is not a fair reflection on us, and thus we find it unacceptable to be rated for factors we can't control. If we can take care of each customer and each rating, we will make a success. Nothing less.

            I will be in touch.

            Kind regards,



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              Hi Juane

              Sorry to hear about the verified status problems. I am sure there are many verified sellers abroad and hope someone new reads your next mail.

              I may have sounded flippant about the neutral rating. This was not my intention and I do sincerely understand how you must feel about it.

              Did you manage to respond to the rating yet?

              Holding thumbs for you.

              Take care
              Items I have for sale.

              Why do today what you can put off till next year?