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  • Classic...

    This is, in my opinion, CLASSIC!!

    I had an issue with a seller where I waited over a month for half the order etc...a real nightmare.

    I rated the seller Negative on account of the ''nightmare'' to which he finally jumped into action and sent the rest of the order.

    Now... 1 month and a couple of days later...a SNC is filed against me.

    Not for non payment..

    for... Buyer rejected product..

    His story :

    Appologized to user as there was a shipping and stock problem on our side sent user missing item as well as 10Pack DVD as a sign of good faith, still no reply.., bad rating remains.., Please send me the items back and I will refund U

    This is a classic way to get rid of a Negative rating...

    Then he sends me an email stating : I will retract the SNC if you change your rating to at least a neutral one....

    I all sellers approach negatives in this manner...well...BoB would be an on the surface perfect place!!

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    I hope you report this seller to community watch. This is so unbelievably WRONG!!!!
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      I second your opinion, Asha Craft! Very bad selling practice! I experienced a similar event recently but, fortunately, got a refund (but not my bank charges for having paid in the first place!) I waited a month before I got upset and was then told the item wasn't in stock.
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