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  • Unfair Rating From Un-contactable Buyer

    Hello guys,

    I am a seller on bidorbuy by the name of Alass

    Now i have a problem with a user named Zompie. This buyer has purchased an item from me, I am still within my delivery time frame but has bombarded me with very negative emails
    He has then left me a negative rating which is full of incorrect and untrue information and is now not contactable. This buyer took 3 weeks to pay me and i had to retract an SNC once he had payed.

    I have spend the past week trying to get hold of this individual on phone and email and all attempts are met with failure.

    I have contacted bidorbuy a week ago by email who also asked the buyer to contact me again to no avail

    On Saturday i phoned bidorbuy and explained that i have a negative rating from a buyer which is essentially a dishonest negative rating. As far as i can see it was specifically designed to ruin my 100%. Now the buyer has vanished off the face of the planet.
    Looking at his ratings myself he has negatives for doing exacly this to other sellers too.
    I have decided that i want to refund this buyer, but with him ignoring myself and bidorbuy i really dont know what to do next to get this unfair negative removed from my record.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how i can resolve this problem?

    Thanks guys

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    Just a tip: once you have a filed a SNC for non-payment, if the buyer makes payment to you just refund his money. If he doesn't give you his banking details, you can ask (CW) to get them for you. If he doesn't respond to CW then there isn't much you can do.

    About the negative rating, however, CW can help you with this. Send them an email (they like to get all the facts in writing, I think) and I'm sure they will help remove the negative rating which you don't feel you deserve. They treat each case on its own merits but they are very, very fair. Good luck.
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      Hi lilythepink,

      Wicked thanks for that i will email community watch about this issue now and see what they come up with

      Thanks for the help :D



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        Yes, but just remember when you do the refund to deduct YOUR bank's charges (if any) for doing the refund! You should not have to suffer any loss because a buyer cannot meet his obligations!
        Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
        Today I am wise and am changing myself.