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  • What is to be done about revenge ratings from Buyers after SNC??

    I have simply copied the email that I have sent to Bid or Buy relating to my issue, however I really do feel that Bid or buy staff are far too busy to have to wade through petty buyer issues like this.

    Dear Bid or Buy Representative,

    I submit to you the folowing case of rating abuse for your investigaion :

    Seller ID : Vision Online
    Buyer ID : Spiders

    Buyer Purchased Item ID : 19423396 Date : 21 February 2010

    Payment was made an item dispatched and received by buyer.

    Buyer purchased Item ID : 19639420 Date : 15 March 2010

    Payment was NOT Received a SNC was Filed, Buyer appealed SNC and had Appeal Rejected by Bid or Buy.

    Buyer has now issued a negative rating for Item ID : 19423396 Date : 21 February 2010 in Revenge.

    Buyer states in comment :

    I gave the disc away as a gift without seeing it. How sad, a copy of free games on the net, what a rip off. Seller will resort to anything to sell

    Purchase relates to the following listing :

    Action - ==> OVER 150 FULL VERSION HIGH QUALITY PUBLIC DOMAIN MIXED PC GAMES ON 1 DISC!! (^^,) for sale in Zeerust

    Despite this Rating being a Negative Rating in Revenge to SNC, the rating is regardlessly incorrect as, per listing : PLEASE NOTE ALL GAMES ON THE DISC ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN

    Kindly investigate this matter.

    Warm Regards,
    Landi Cordier
    Vision Online

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    Hi Landi. The BoB team are normally very fair in deciding each case on its own merits when it comes to negative ratings. However, I think you have a good case because this is obviously a "revenge" rating and this is against the Rules of BoB. I hope you addressed your info to Hope it all turns out well for you.
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      :DSend an e-mail to, Solance will sort this out within a day guaranteed!

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        Very unfair rating, as the item received is EXACTLY as advertised
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