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  • Is this rating abuse?

    A while back i had a buyer buy 9 things from me. They did this over a while and even though i dont usually allow people to combine so many items over such a long time she was very sweet so i let her.

    Then probably about a week after she bought everything and her package was sent i received 9 neutral ratings stating - Will rate as soon as I receive parcel. I immediatly emailed her and said this is not what you are supposed to do. Rate me when you do receive it because most people will rate and then forget to ever change it.

    She replied to about 1 of the many emails i sent since then saying she couldnt track the item. I emailed SAPO and within a few hours i had her SA tracking number (i explain exactly how to do all of this in my tracking email anyway)

    Turns out the parcel has been waiting at her post office. I took a screen shot of the tracking page and emailed her again and again no reply!

    I am scared that she wont collect the items and they will get sent back or that she has the items and she just doesnt feel like changing 9 ratings.

    Is there anything i can do?

    Items I have for sale.

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    Once she has received the parcel (or if the parcel is returned to you as "uncollected") THEN you send an email to, explain the entire situation with them and attach copies of your emails to the buyer, and ask CW to remove the neutral or negative ratings as the buyer is at fault and has given you "revenge" ratings. We are NOT allowed to revenge rate on BoB!
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