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  • Luckybird is not feeling so lucky with ratings lately

    This is Sad, i am not in a good place this past few weeks with ratings, it seems like constant work to control them.

    First i received a negative rating because a client had not received their item for over 6 weeks, and it turned out that it was sitting at the post office for 5 of those weeks. It seems record time from China to a post office in 6 days i cant call that bad, Luckily the client changed that rating but not after it was being shown on my profile for 2 months.

    then another client gave us Neutral rating for item not being there, and again it was there the same day i got the rating it was 13 days so ok thatís not nice but not my fault it was holiday time.

    Then another neutral which I did deserve i sent the wrong item, kick myself for that sin.

    then a negative, because the client does not like his phone, this is a very popular phone, please all i can say if you going to buy something research it first its a very popular phone, really how can we be blamed for selling a known item, itís like blaming the supermarket because they sold you your groceries and you never liked the taste of some brand ice-cream you bought. Please thatís not fair

    now we get a bad rating because ? we got the order today after 2pm and its not shipped yet !!!

    Sorry if i am sounding a bit bad here I just donít understand it, i try very hard to keep my clients happy and sometimes i get it wrong but sometimes i just feel unlucky.
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    Sounds like you're having a bad run with some difficult buyers.. Hope it ends soon for you.
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      I often find that new buyers dont realize the implications of a negative rating.
      Maybe you should point this out by saying that the product advertised was what she/he received and that you fulfilled your side of the bargain therfore a negative rating that brings down your % is unfair.
      Just say negative ratings are for people who take someones money but do not send the item
      DON'T Be accusing in any way just state facts. Sometimes it works if you appeal to their emotions.


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        There will always be impatient and selfish buyers, if you feel that a rating is unjustified and the buyer won't budge then ask BidorBuy to look into it for you. Whichever way it goes you can "reply" to the rating and state your case. This will be visible to other buyers and does make a difference when potential customers read the rating.
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          Luckbird...I am SO with you there today:(

          I feel worse because of a blessed preaching I received this morning about the lesser importance of bad situations and the importance of the positive attitude that you apply to them...

          Yet I just can't seem to get that positive Mojo up and running this morning:(
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            All sellers have bad runs.

            All you can do is just try manage them as best as you can.
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              I feel your your pain, I have given up trying to maintain good ratings.
              A buyer gave me a negative rating saying no communication, I have proof I emailed them to acknowledge payment on Friday and then emailed tracking number on Sunday. I have aksed them to update the rating to no avail.

              Most new buyers think the rating system is just a game or some public platform to communicate with sellers.



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                i got a negative rating for sending a fun email apologised for it but buyer does not change rating. a lot of my buyers send me private mails etc. how childish to rate negative for such a petty thing.
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                  Originally posted by babyface2 View Post
                  i got a negative rating for sending a fun email apologised for it but buyer does not change rating. a lot of my buyers send me private mails etc. how childish to rate negative for such a petty thing.
                  Did this 'fun' email or the negative rating you got for it have anything to do with the transaction? If not then it would constitute abuse of the rating system and needs to be reported to BoB.
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                    I agree, ratings are only meant to reflect the what happened with the transaction itself, nothing else
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