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  • How safe is BOBpay

    How safe exactly is bobpay?

    so if a buyer pays me by bob eft,
    and it shows in my bob account,
    is it definetly in there for good,
    and there is no way that the buyer can take it out at all ?
    so once its in its in for good, and i can leave it in my bob account until i want to withdraw it.

    And if someone pays by bob eft,
    does it reflect straight away (can take up to half an hour),
    or can it take longer, depending on which bank the buyer uses ?

    because i have received a 'proof of payment',
    yet it isnt in my bob account yet.
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    From using BOBpay since it came out:

    it is 100% safe.

    Most payments show within half an hour.
    Sometimes it takes longer (A day).

    The buyer can not take the money back.

    Sometimes buyers dont read properly and use the wrong reference number which will then not reflect in your BOB account. In this case, BOB sorts it out with the buyer.


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      Thank you.


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        For information on bobPay please go here - Help - Selling - Payment Options

        If the buyer has made payment and has sent you the proof of payment please forward it to so we can trace the funds.

        Please also note, some Standard Bank payments may not appear immediately due to technical issues on their side.



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          Thank you Cuan.
          I have the payment now - it was a standard bank payment.


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            Just a personal note: I think Bobpay eft is much safer than handing out your personal banking details...
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              I have to agree with Asha Craft. Perhaps we should ALL be using this now that scammers are multiplying fast and furiously?
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