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  • Positives

    Was just thinking as I was sending out tracking numbers -- we are quick to complain when things don't go well but I was realising just how many really fantastic buyers (and sellers) there on bidorbuy... for every one rotten apple ... there are literally 1000's of super bobbers out there... so thanks to all those people who keep supporting me, pay within minutes and are always understanding when we have delays and problems :)
    If you think about it bidorbuy is a pretty amazing tool and I guess all the amazing people out there are the only reason why is works like it does... :)
    Oh well... just my happy thoughts for the day

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    It's always better to focus on the positives than the neutrals and negatives. And you have such great ratings that a neutral wouldn't touch you sideways! You are one of the dream sellers on BoB! :)
    Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
    Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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      My thoughts exactly daisyjewel. The amazing buyers definitely outweigh (and outlast) the cranky ones!


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        Thanks Lily and Ziggy... And Bidorbuy!
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          I had an email from a lady who had bought some bunnykin books from me asking me whether I had posted them
          This was yesterday. They were won on 14th June.I always email tracking numbers so I searched my mail. No mail to buyer.
          I could not find her name on the post office lists either then I looked for the books and found them where I would normally store Bob items.
          By this time I am frantic because I am sitting with a negative received a couple of days ago which I was trying to sort out.

          Ofcourse I had to email her and apologised profusely for overlooking the item
          She emailed me back and told me about a mistake she had made recently and was glad to know someone else was human.

          Needless to say books have been posted with extra freebies. She deserves it.:)

          Now I am going to community chat to crank
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