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  • help i want to be a seller

    Hello everyone

    please forgive me if i posted in the wrong place or if there is another post like this i couldn't find it and for bad spelling and grammar

    okay i want to be a seller on bid or buy o see and understand the account thing them taking 10 rand and the thing with them taking a percentage of money for each sale what I am totally lost with is how to be a verified seller ? do i then get insurance for the buys through bid or buy?

    the thing is i make hand made jewelery so i want people to fell comfortable buying from me and the insurance thing would help a lot give people peace of mind

    also how do you get it that people can pay bid or buy and then bid or buy pay you ? i was told that it was possible don't know how true it is ?

    also can i change my user account name ? cause i would rather use my company name than my private nick name and don't want to lose all the good rating ?

    also is there anything I am missing please help if you can

    Regards Byron

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    Hi Byron

    To view details on becoming a Verified User with an explanation please go here - Verified User

    Regarding payments (bobPay EFT), please check out this page - Help - Selling - Payment Options

    In order to edit your username, simply login in to our My bidorbuy account area, at the top right hand corner of the page are links to edit your account details, select the "Update your Account Details" link.

    Kind regards