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  • Search functions fixed on the sales page

    When we introduced the new sales tools we erroneously removed the searches from the main sales page. Those got re-included, but did not do a broad-search (as they used to in the past) and only showed results from the last two months.

    This has now been fixed:
    • The default search period when looking for an itemid, text in title or traders reference is "one" year (used to be two). For large sellers two years turned out to be too slow and inefficient to query. If you need to go further back or search for specific time frames, you can still do this via the advanced search.
    • The default search period for completed SNC's was also brought back to one year.
    • The default search period using a buyers name has been adjusted to 2 years. If you need to go further back, please use the advanced search.

    We have started working through the issues & enhancements for the Sales Tools and will post updates in the thread
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