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  • SNC - Buyer lies - What now?

    Good day,

    I need some advice. I filed a SNC against a buyer who failed to pay for an item purchased and does not respond to your e-mails. In his responce to the SNC he actually appeals the SNC, with a reason given that he "rejected the product".

    NEVER HAS HE TOLD ME THIS AND THIS IS A BLATANT LIE! Now Bidorbuy has 14 days to decide who is at fault.

    My question is: How do I go about defending this allegation? If a buyer can get away with this, he might just go ahead and never fear the result of the SNC process. He can just buy as he wishes and not pay, and never receive a non-fulfillment warning. I stand to loose my success fees and he gets away with a lie!
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    I beelieve you selected "Payment not received" on your reason of SNC, if thats the case the SNC admin will note that the buyer's lie and reject it.

    But should they accept it, send an email to and someone there will definately help you.



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      Send an email to hello@bidorbuy referring to the SNC and include all correspondence that you have relating to the sale.

      Also inform them that at no time did the buyer ever contact you to reject the item or anything else.

      This is actually very common, buyers do lie to try and cover themselves.

      At least he can't rate you.


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        @SProducts - Yes, I have selected the "payment not received" option. Thank you, I will send the e-mail.

        @Tananka - I only have correspondence from my side. No responces. Three hours later I actually receive a note from the buyer that payment was made more than a week ago! Another lie! I will write the e-mail nontheless and explain this to the BoB team. Thank you.
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          This is a big fat 0 after what I have seen...

          I had a user appeal a SNC with a Novel of Abuse and Lies, BoB ACCEPTED the appeal:o

          I couldn't beleive it and vowed to have the injustice made right, after 3 calls to I dropped it...but...

          When I asked the BoB rep on his personal opinion..his words...

          ''I am shocked!"

          This user then did the exact same thing to another seller and ended up with 16 odd negatives and a couple of Neuterals.

          shall I post the appeal note?
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            This user is a compulsive liar, and should be removed from the Bidorbuy site!
            After I filed the SNC, he appealed saying that payment was made and I did not pick it up in my account. He did pay me, but only three days after the SNC was filed. This after I gave him two weeks to pay!
            He actually gave me a Negative rating today, stating that he has still not received the parcel. ANOTHER LIE. Luckily the track & trace system works well these days. The item has been collected by the buyer.

            I saw this rating coming, and have asked Ati at BoB prior to me retracting the SNC, what would happen if I receive a Negative rating in revenge. He confirmed that this will not stand, and it will be removed.

            I can not believe that people like these do not have a conscience. Then they think they can get away with it.

            All ratings given to sellers on by warren1234567890
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              Thank you to the staff (Ati) at Bidorbuy. This guy dealt with my query in a professional manner and justice prevailed. If you keep your side clean, no buyer can make allegations that are not true!
              A big thumbs up to the guys that have to deal with all the complaints at You are doing an amazing job! Keep it up!
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