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  • SNC restricted?

    When or why does an SNC filed get restricted by admin?

    New buyer (no ratings) bids on and wins a ring from us. No payment. Few days later I send an email asking if and when payment was made, buyer replies: "I did pay." Great, so I ask him to send proof of payment as the payment does not show. He replies.... "I can't - don't have a fax machine." Fabulous. Why not scan and email? OR go to an office shop and fax it? Afterall, we're talking about a reasonable amount here. If I was the buyer, i'd do it asap.

    So a few weeks pass, and I decide to file an SNC. Next day buyer appeals saying: "I do payment" .... yarr.. ok then. A few hours later the SNC is restricted by admin and it's still that way. Just by the way, the restriction happened 26 July already... Payment should have cleared by now, don't you think?

    P.S. The ring in question was relisted and sold last week.
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    This Happened to me (as the buyer) so I think I have a good idea as to what is happening here..

    When the buyer appealed saying that he had already made payment. BoB put the SNC ''On Hold'' and has via email asked for the buyer to provide proof of payment.

    So BoB is ten to one still waiting on the buyer to respond to their request, however I imagine they are also quite busy and may need to be contacted Re this.

    Hope some clarity:)