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  • How ethical are post bid changes?

    Perhaps someone could assist with some advice? I currently have a bid on a specific product of mine and wish to add an enhanced listing feature to the sale, the only problem is that I have already recieved a bid. My intention is not to alter the price or sales conditions, but merely to attract more potential buyers to the auction.The auction still has 5 days to run.

    Firstly as a relative newbie, is it possible to do this and secondly is it ethical to alter a sale after a bidder has already commited to a bid? All advice would be most appreciated.

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    I don't think it is possible to do this without deleting the bids first, perhaps directing this request to would be the best idea. They can probably edit the listing for you with whichever enhancement you need.
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      Thanks BumbleBee will direct this to them. Just a question before I do, as you have clearly been around a while, do you think that this is ethical ? It is just a listing enhancement but I would still like a more eductaed opinion before taking this to BoB ?


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        I've been tossing this around for a bit, didn't want to answer that too prematurely. I don't feel that it would be unethical to add an enhancement to a listing after it has been bid on, after all you are not changing the listing itself in any way.
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          Thanks BumblBee, just wanted to get conformation on my concience which was wavering on this one before going to BoB.