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  • No Access to Account

    I am little confuse to why i don't have access to my account , I need so ship out parcels and cannot get addresses & buyers have emailed me they cannot check out.

    If its about buyer Pupz/Shill Account SilentHacker's : We offered him 2 options Replacement or Credit , He has not decided what option he wanted from the option we emailed him ,he insits about a refund but he returned us a damaged product. I have replied to Khaba emails daily but my reply is going to Reatile , than the next day Khaba still waits for my responds.

    If Khaba please can explain or contact me , as the buyer is not co-operating nor responding to us.

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    Hi JP

    Khaba has tried to contact you telephonically and via email and has not had any response. Unfortunately sometimes the only way we can get a prompt response is to deny access to the account.

    Please can you call the offices as soon as possible to clear up this issue.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards


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      who or what is Khaba


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        Probably a BoB employee
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          He is one of the customer service agents.