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  • Charging a refundable fee for joining BoB

    I had an idea this weekend, just call me Einstein

    There has now been a few threads on how we can protect ourselves/sellers from these new buyers.
    What if BoB askes a fee of R150,00 or R250,00 or whatever when someone joins BoB? This fee will then stay in BoB's account untill the buyer has atleast 5 ratings and then the funds can be credited to the buyers next buy or a refund to his account?
    If this new buyer then defaults on the first 5 sales the funds will be kept by BoB or can be paid to the seller that this buyer defaulted on.

    If it is a new seller then the same goes, funds will be kept if seller defaults on first 5 or so sales.

    Obviously this is just a rough idea but I think everyone gets the idea - that new buyers will think twice when joining and going crazy the first time...

    What do everyone think - am I a genuis or what?

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    I like the idea , unfortunately this would put loads of buyer off because some just browse looking for a bargain every 2 - 3 months , so lets say , NO-NAME buys a product every 2-3 months then he might be waiting a year to get refunded , this idea will work with sellers though and I support it 100% , but not loads of new users would actually pay the fee to join , you don`t pay R 150.00 to buy from a store so why should they thats going to be there argument.

    And I strongly doubt bob would approve of it ,

    Personally I like the idea , but not everyone will
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      It won't work as many good buyers won't fall for that as It already costs R 10.00 to starts to sell


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        Unfortunately it is not only the 1st time buyers who default on payment. The majority of buyers who have not paid on auctions they have won from me have been buyers with more than 5 ratings and most of who had good previous ratings.
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          A lot of people start selling things on BoB when R150 is a large part of their budget.

          In today's terms it is really nothing, but when you are very short on cash, it is a lot of money.
          Items I have for sale.

          Why do today what you can put off till next year?