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  • Bobpay Eft as payment method,

    Hi All

    Please can someone give a bit of advice here.

    The only form of payment on all my items is Bobpay Eft. Now I have a problem with a buyer that says he doesn't have internet banking and doesn't understand how Bobpay works if he wants to pay cash into Bobpay.

    I tried to explain to him that when he completed the order, he would have an option to make the payment, to click on that option and he will get BOB banking details with a Ref. Number. To use that reference number when making a deposit into BOB's account.

    I even sent him the link to BOBs Bobpay Eft payment information page. He still says he doesn't understand and doesn't have a clue.

    What should I do, any suggestions?

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    I have had some buyers have difficulty with BOB EFT in the past in that originally not all banks were accommodated by the system . To resolve the matter I simply forwarded the buyer my own banking details and let them make a direct deposit into my bank account. Problem solved.
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