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  • Item returned damaged

    I sold a ring a while back and pesonally do the packages of all my items. I received a call a while later informing me the ring was totally damaged and does not even look like a ring. He was going to send the ring back and then wanted a size 10 and this was the incorrect size (the auction stated size 8 and this is what he received) Well, I was shocked. I asked the client to return the ring, including the envelope so that I can take it to the post office for a report. Was I shocked when I received the item. It looked like someone has taken a pliers and actually bend the band inwards. I took the ring to the post office and they inspected the original envelope. As there no absolutely no evidence that the envelope had been tampered with, no foot markings etc, they said there was no claim. I then took the ring to a small jeweler in our centre and there opinion was the ring had forcefully been damaged. The ironic parts is that none of the stones were damaged nor had any fallen out. I contacted the buyer and informed him of the feedback and needless to say he was not happy. I offered him another ring at a 50% discounted price because I thought this was generous. He refused this and wants a replacement or a full refund. Insurance was not taken on the parcel. I have not yet replaced the ring and am expecting a negative soon. What would you have done in a situation like this?

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    This is unbelievable, if you sent the item in the right condition.

    Since the item wasnt insured, then you are not responsible for replacing. You will get the negative rating anyway, unless you loose some money because someone made a mistake and instead of solving it made it worse by destroying the ring.



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      Seems to me he did destroy the ring on purpose just to get you to swap it instead of just being honest and asking for another size... NOT COOL!


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        Originally posted by MediaTech View Post
        Seems to me he did destroy the ring on purpose just to get you to swap it instead of just being honest and asking for another size... NOT COOL!
        It certainly sounds like it, not acceptable at all.
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          I wouldn't send another one. Apart from the obvious attempt to defraud you, they didn't take insurance, so no claim. Send them an official letter form the post office if you can to back you up on this. You will probably get a negative, but given the type of person this sounds like, you may get one anyway, regardless of what you do.
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            Remember, these are two seperate problems. Size and damage. The first issue here is damage, so treat it that way. The buyer did not take insurance and did not report the damage at the postoffice anyway... Problem solved. The error falls to the buyer.
            Now for the second problem, the size. This one is pretty simple, they want a size 10, they must buy a size 10. End of story.
            When will buyers learn the importance of insurance? I simplified these issues by making 2% insurance compulsory on my postage charge.
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              With the evidence given from SAPO and a jeweller and no insurance, the buyer won't see a new ring from me, I will gladly charge him postal fees to return the deliberately broken ring.

              I had one such case a long time ago, client had bought 9ct gold earrings from us and had the earrings for about 6 days ( after collecting it from their post office ) and then informed me that they received the item broken, when they sent it back to us, was that a shocker! Damage looked like plier marks / bite marks!

              Needless to say, she never received a refund nor did she pay postage fees to have her earrings sent back to her.

              Contact BOB management should the need arise.


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                What a horrid experience - hope you have blocked the buyer?
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