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  • Dropshipping

    Struggling to find anything in the help section or forum. Is there a Bidorbuy policy with regards to dropshipping?

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    Dear tinusp

    Please see our listing policy here, particularly point 1.4:

    1. The following policies apply to all listings and are strictly prohibited:
    1.1.Misrepresentation of items including:
    1.1.1Creating titles and descriptions that do not accurately describe the item for sale.1.1.2.Inappropriate use of brand names or other words for the purpose of attracting Buyers.
    1.2.Anything that attempts to circumvent paying bidorbuy fees (e.g. selling a list of prices, selling a catalogue, cross sell or up selling). This includes listing items with nominal amounts in order to circumvent paying bidorbuy fees, get contact details from the Buyer, and advertise items for free or to increase positive ratings. Nominal amounts include 1c, 10c, R1 or any value that bidorbuy deems to be nominal.1.3. Listing an item that requires an additional purchase, swop or trade in.
    1.4. Listing of items where the Seller is not physically in possession of the goods for sale (for example listing an item as a "pre-order" or where the seller's shipment has not yet arrived). This excludes Sellers operating on a "dropship" or consignment basis where the Seller has a proven track record and an established relationship with a supplier that ships directly to their Buyers. Permission needs to be obtained from bidorbuy and approval is entirely at the discretion of bidorbuy.

    Kind regards


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      Thanks a lot Cuan, I have seen a list of approved dropshipping companies on the forum before, can you maybe provide the list?


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        Hi Tinus

        Here is the thread, it may be a little out of date, as we do try add new sellers to the list.

        Kind regards