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  • Unhappy buyer with auto bid please help

    I just revieced a question from a buyer whom placed a auto bid on 2 of my items last night. This item was sold for a lost on my side but hey life goes on. Some you win some you loose, but this morning she contacts me and tells me that she placed R200 on each item and it sold last night for R165 to someone els. She wants to know how this works, and more so do I also want to know how this work?

    Howcome when she placed a auto bid for R200 each did it sell to someone els for R165.00?

    Here is the link to the items refered too.

    Deodorants & Antiperspirants - Avon-Outspoken by Fergie Fragrance Gift set was sold for R165.00 on 6 Oct at 23:46 by look smart in Witbank (ID:26932292)
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    The bid logs indicate that no autobid was set at R200, the highest autobid limit was set at R175. Did the bidder confirm the bid? If they did they would have got notification from the system and via email that the bid was accepted with an autobid of R200.

    Kind regards