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  • Withdrawing from PayPal


    Okay I am new to this Paypal thing but I figure it will be a good thing when selling items to allow buyers the option of PayPal since it is used worldwide.

    I just want someone to explain to me how to withdraw money from the Paypal account into my Standard Bank account. Whenever I try to withdraw money it keeps on popping up with this US bank rubbish. Please someone help. Thank you.


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    Hi Veto, the good news is it can be done, the bad news is only through FNB. You have to open an FNB savings account, which is less painless than you would imagine. Paypal is only affiliated with FNB in South Africa at the moment.
    once you open an FNB account, your consultant at the bank will on your instruction link your savings account with Paypal and bobs you auntie!
    However, it will take up to 3 working days for the funds to be transferred from paypal into your account, also if you want to put funds into paypal which can be done with a click of a button on the FNB banking site.
    I hope this helps, I have had Paypal for years and this is the only way I am able to withdraw funds.
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      I was wondering the same thing, but didn't want to sound dumb by asking, so thanks veto111... Now I also know