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  • This is a new one for us! SNC Appealed

    This is the first time a buyer Appeals a SNC for the following reason : "Tried to complete payment but was blocked by seller"

    Item sold on 13 Oct 10 23:01 SNC filed & buyer blocked on 21 Oct 10 15:42, this is the first time I know of that a buyer NEEDS MORE than 7 DAYS to make payment BEFORE being blocked. And this is by no means a new buyer, with over 150 ratings, you should know how the system works and what each seller's terms & conditions regaring payment is.

    Just hope that the BOB staff who is going to process this SNC will see that the buyer is lying on her appeal, she had 7 days to pay before being blocked.

    Waar is daai bloeddruk pille !!!!


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    Hi MK

    If this is one of your SNC's, you can always add to your SNC details by emailing


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      & so what if you blocked them? Unless you only accept bobpay EFT, surely they can still pay?
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        Hi kebs

        If the person won an auction and hadn't completed the auction order, once they're blocked they can't do anything.
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          Some buyers dont give a damn about the sellers terms and conditions, they get blocked, ask for a chance and then still rate the seller bad, there are some rocket scientists in this world of ours.


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            Exactly, that's why I very seldom withdraw an SNC, even if they pay, I'd rather give the money back than withdraw the SNC.
            The minute a seller withdraws an SNC, a buyer can get as nasty as they want (in revenge, for example) and the seller is stuck with the negative.
            Better to take the loss.
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