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  • Rating Protocol

    I really try my utmost to ensure that buyers are happy with their purchases. It does however happen from time to time that someone is not completely satisfied with the product. In my opinion it would be reasonable to expect an email or call from the buyer in such a case. Obviously I will go out of my way to resolve the issue.

    Unfortunately some buyers think that the appropriate course of action would be a NEGATIVE rating. Straight - without any interaction with me.

    What is the protocol for rating? It's always new buyers that leave a few victims as they are learning the BOB culture.

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    Yes, you're exactly right. I ask in my tracking number email that I am always willing to try and resolve any issues a buyer has and that they should contact me before leaving neutral or negative ratings. Unfortunately, they don't always comply with this request and some are just outright rude. I have found, though that those that contact me always have their issues resolved so that both of us are happy with the transaction.


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      What about buyers that rate without actually completing their orders?? Does not make sense to me


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        Yes, I don't understand it either.
        Sometimes, i think they try to pacify the seller with a good rating so that the seller will be more patient in waiting for payment. A bit of emotional persuasion, shall we call it.
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