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  • Needing help with enhanced lisitngs

    Hi All
    I am trying to list my items under the "Priority Featured Listings" on Crazy Wednesday auctions but just cannot seem to get my listings to appear there.
    I have ticked the Featured listing , priority listing and paid promotions listing but my items still don't appear under the Priority featured section .
    Please advise which enhanced listing option I need to use to get my listings in the Priority Featured listings section.
    I have done it before but for some reason today I just can't get it right !
    consistency is the last resort of the unimaginative.

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    I think you should also tick "Paid promotion listing" - try that

    If it wasn't for the 'last minute', nothing would get done.


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      In order to list in the Priority Featured area of the main category page - Art, you must select a Premium listing. Your items will be listed under Featured, and the Priority listing will help you items be listed higher up in the Featured area on the main category page of Art. But if you click through to the Art directly from the Artist page, your listings will appear in the Priority Featured area in the sub category area.

      Hope this helps...

      Kind regards
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        Thank you Cuan, I understand but it's a bit confusing because when listing the items this week , I copied the auctions and just changed the photo in each , therefore each listing should appear under the same heading but they don't.
        One painting is under the priority featured heading and the other 2 not . I have double checked my listing options on each listing and I have selected the same enhancements for each but can't seem to get them under the same heading .
        I will give it another try ,
        Thanks for your help !
        consistency is the last resort of the unimaginative.


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          They all seem to be under the Featured Area under Art directly from the Artist - 4 listings, is that correct? If you want them to appear under the Priority Featured you have to use Home Page or Premium enhancements. I think the naming is a little confusing. Priority listing enhancements does not mean it will be listed under Priority Featured, it will appear under Featured Listings on the main category level and sub category level. They are definitely listed there...

          Kind regards