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  • whats the last best auction for the year???

    so last year Christmas time , we were unfortunate enough to have a public holiday on a wednesday(16th dec) so that threw us off a little , this year the holiday is on a considering that people are shopping mostly for Christmas , they dont really want to buy anything 4 or 5 days before christmas because they might not get their gifts on time , and since we atleast saved becuase the wednesday wont be a public holiday , im thinking of probably running my last auction the 15th dec.....more so because our baby is due on Christmas day and i want everything to be wrapped and gone and nothing still hanging on my head once the baby arrives, but im a little concerned , since the thursday is the public holiday , most people would pay that day but their moneys will probably only reflect the Friday night , if paying from another bank and then i will ultimately on send out the last parcels around that Tuesday and then people might still not get their parcels on time , if i send out on Tuesday it will probably be their own fault as they would have paid late,but i will still feel bad ................what if the baby decides to come a little early.shoooo am i going to be in problems..........So i guess what im actually asking is,im sure someone ran auctions that public holiday last year , was it worth it and did you get any problems from it?
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    Hiya, i sold a heck of a lot of toys etc during that time without any problems, alot of the clients actually arranged their own courier if they wanted the items quicker, i have done this 2 years in a row without problems, i don't think there will be any, but i do have a fabulous Post Office and know the people working there and they go the extra mile, what i do is give them Christmas pressies to thank them for all they do for me and i must say it truely pays off, have fun and don't worry, it's not that bad at all!

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      hi DA , thanks , you are a superstar , i feel better now , my sapo peeps are great too , i just buy them cold drinks and sweets every other day and really , they appreciate the small things, but yes i think they do deserve some christmas presents this year
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        How do you know you're in SA?
        Everybody responds to a little bribery... I buy the SAPO personnel some cokes and sweeties too every other day. And since this is the first year the SAPO has been good to me, I might just also give them something for Christmas.... maybe a few tips to improve service next year
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