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  • SELLERS : Create Bulk Load Lists fro auction EASY!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    We are working hard to bring you an easy solution to create Bulk Load Lists of Auctions, Buy Now's & Classified listings all from one easy to use application, you are more than welcome to download the trial version below to see what it's all about, how easy it is to use and much more are still to be added to future versions.

    The program will be listed at a special intro price over this coming weekend auctions in which only the first 10 clients will qualify, thereafter we will list it at normal price. Hope you enjoy!

    Please download the trial version of Bid or Buy management System here :

    You will be able to use this software for free for 2 days which after registration is required, this is NOT free software, this software was developed by a BOB Seller ( MK Jewels ) for the BOB Seller, to make life as hassle free as possible, free time for yourself rather than sitting 8 hours in front of the computer creating auctions.

    > This program will automatically upload images to a server of your choice ( FTP account needed )
    > This program is only the beginning, we have many ideas and we will be implementing new modules to the program very soon.
    > Your input & feedback will be highly appreciated.
    > Help file is not included in the preview program, but a FULL help file explaining all aspects will be included in the retail version.

    We plan to grow this program to include the following in the very near future:

    > Customer Database
    > Email Customers ( Marketing, Tracking Numbers, General Information emails ect. )
    > Sales Reports
    > Expenses Management ( Bid or Buy fees, Stock Costs ect )
    > Bulk editing of listings
    > Crazy & Weekend Auction specific editing and creating of listings
    > Many more ideas to realise, your input will be appreciated greatly by helping us decide which add-on's to consider.

    Things you need to know before making use of this software

    This program is still in the development stage, add-on's to enhance features and add functions will be made available on a regular basis, some will be free, others will be charged for. Should
    you require custom development specific to your business needs, let us know.

    To safely use this program, do not import CSV files other than the files created with this software, other CSV files may contain different formatting which may corrupt the CSV file and cause data loss.

    Do NOT use commas ( , ) in your listing, rather replace commas with ";" ( excluding the quotation marks ) ( commas may interfere with the CSV formatting )
    As with all software programs, use at your own risk,

    System Requirements:

    > Windows 98, 2000, XP ( Vista may work, incompatibility issues may occur, we did not test this program on Vista )
    > Screen resolution of 1400x900 or better

    All that's left is to start creating your listings!!!

    Thanking you for your Support & Feedback,
    Devan de Kock
    Senior Developer
    Website Developer SA cc / MK Jewels
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    Hi All

    Whilst bidorbuy appreciates the efforts in doing this and supports such initiatives, we must add the following (and must be explained to the end user by the developer):
    • bidorbuy cannot offer technical or customer service support on such a product
    • We would like to request the developer to make it clear that the application is not endorsed by us and that you need to make users aware that based on our ongoing software and technical developments it can not be guaranteed that the application and CSV format will work due to ongoing system changes on our side.
    I am sure this application will help sellers increase productivity and wish you the best of luck with it.

    Kind regards


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      Hi Cuan,

      Thank you for your input, appreciated :)

      We are still very busy working on the program, far from complete, but your points made will be taken into the design process. I am sure it can help allot of sellers to start listing more products faster and more easily than otherwise possible.

      Regarding changes to the Bid or Buy processes, we will issue updates specifically to such changes as we are made aware of them, we do not want our clients to be left in the dark :)

      We are currently busy adding a module to allow the saving of buyer information into a database, which can be used inturn to bulk email tracking number accurately and quickly.

      Will keep you guys posted as to when updates become available




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        Awesome idea MK!!

        Is BoB willing to share their image server access info with us?
        Visit my hive!


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          Hi BumbleBee,

          As Cuan explained, bidorbuy is not involved with this program, this is a 3rd party program, our program has built-in FTP meaning, the program will automatically upload images as you create auctions ect to a server of your choice ( if you have FTP access to it ) this can be a free account which you can register with or we can supply you with space to store your images on our server, options are really unlimited.

          Once you are done creating your listings, all you need to do is upload 1 file to bidorbuy via the Bulk load Items link and that's it!

          Download the program, have some fun with it, and give us your comments, it will be highly appreciated :-)

          Program updates will be available within the next 3-5 days, this will include functions :

          > Save clients information to a database
          > Email tracking numbers to clients in bulk




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            Hi Devan,

            Call me silly, but I have to ask...
            What is the difference between creating a listing with your program, and creating a listing on Bidorbuy.
            Don't both take equally as long?

            You also mention an update for a bulk tracking nr emailer function. I would have to enter an email address and the tracking nr right? So why don't I just send the email as usual, from outlook or wherever, off a template?

            It's either too late, or I'm just not seeing the picture. How exactly does your software lessen the time I spend on Bidorbuy, when I will still have to enter basically everything that I already do.

            Lastly, how user friendly will this be?
            Sorry for all the questions, I just need some clarity

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              Hi Amanda,

              As with all things, Some will love it and some won't, this program is targeted at sellers who are either new to bidorbuy or sellers who want to
              bulk load listings with HTML profiles ( ie. your company profile Logo, buttons to links, terms, shipping info ect ) at the moment, bidorbuy offers bulk uploading services, but to most users ( experienced or not ) to create a bulk load list of items in an excel sheet will be difficult, confusing, time consuming, and let's face, not everyone knows how to program/ design HTML profiles ( if they would like profile images to show ) this program handles all of those issues in one easy to use application.

              The bulk Tracking number emailer will be very helpful to those that needs to send 50 plus parcels weekly, the program has a built-in email template creator which will allow you to enter your email message, Subject line including place holders ( to speed up time ) ie instead of tying out the client's name manually on each email, you can use something like this in the email subject line / body #CLIENTNAME# this also applies to the shipping date, shipping method & tracking number.

              At the end, you will only need to select the client to email to, select a date, shipping method and enter the tracking number, the data will then be automatically inserted in the email where you specified it to be.

              There is allot of new sellers registering everyday, so before judging it, download the updated version ( will annouce it here once it's ready ) and try it for yourself, you'll be able to use it for free for a period of 2 days. As will all things, there is a small learning curve, but all of us had to learn how to use bidorbuy at some stage, if you can use an application like word, excel and outlook, there should be no reason for you not to be able to make use of this software.

              We are still busy completing and updating the Help file that comes with the program, once it's ready it will be inlcuded in the installation program.

              I hope this answers your questions, you're more than welcome to test it and give us feedback on it, will appreciate it.




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                Thanks for the info! I can't wait for the updated version to give it a go.

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                  Good luck, Devan. Anything that will help sellers has to be a good idea. :)
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                  Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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                    Hi Devan
                    I've downloaded the given program and have tested it today. What a pleasure! I'm probably just too stupid to have used the bulk upload spreadsheet and find this one an absolute pleasure, especially when selling on BoB is not your main source of income, but a hobby and time is very limited. Thanks for the iniciative and looking forward to the updated version!


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                      Hi Guys, an updated version is now available which now includes the following additions:

                      > Saving Client Information
                      > Bulk Email Tracking Numbers to Clients
                      > Fixes to some issues with the previous release

                      Download the new version here :
                      ( approx 14MB )


                      Thank you for your comments, I am glad you are using the program and find it helpful, download the latest version to add even more functionality. just un-install the first program, then install the new version.




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                        Hi Devan,

                        Downloaded the new version, but when listing a test product it keeps asking me to specify the item condition. There is nothing in the drop-down, so should I type it in or what? What am I missing?

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                        "The purest form of love comes from your children."


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                          hi Amanda,

                          I just checked the item condition dropdown box, all 3 options are there, "new", "secondhand", "refurbished". please check the other dropdown boxes, "Listing Type", "start / end Time" ect to see if they have data, on my side its fine.




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                            The file takes too long on to download. Does this apply to all items and does it connect directly with BOB?


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                              Hi, as mentioned, the file is 14MB Large and with a few people downloading it, download time may take a little longer.

                              No it does not connect with BOB, the FTP functionality must be used on your own server, free ftp service from 3rd party services, or we can help with FTP access.