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  • Econoparcels are back!!!

    Yesterday I was greeted with big smiles at my local Longbeach mall Post Office - ECONOPARCELS ARE BACK!!!

    I must have been one of thousands of P O customers who complained - so thank you to all of you who moaned, whined, protested, argued, threatened and generally made life miserable for their Post Masters !!!

    YEAH !!! I can now ship a small insured item for R25 instead of R38 :D in fact I now have profited as I was able to send an insured parcel as ECONO yesterday... :eek: hmmm the client might frown on that ... shhhh!
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    I've never had any problem insuring econo parcels. Have been wondering why some post offices were saying they couldn't insure them as my PO has never heard anything about it.
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      I've had only one teller still insure at econoparcel rates.. All the others have told me they can't do it.. I'm friends with all of them, so don't think they would try to do me in - besides, they don't get the money anyway.. Will have to make sure on Monday what the whole story is. I think the post office management is just trying to confuse us!!!! (It's working)
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        PO seems to use the rule - just get everyone confused and you will win!
        Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
        Today I am wise and am changing myself.


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          Makes me wary of the 2010 postage booklet. The PO are regularly changing their minds.

          My Post Mistress - this is a sub office in a local super market - is a real honey, and very efficient - does everything by the book. Including closing strictly at 4:30pm too. No good getting there at 4:25 and filling in forms - the closed sign goes up as you are writing.

          A couple of weeks back she confirmed that EconoParcel cannot be insured. Hope she knows the "new" rule.
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            I guess this means that they can change the price whenever they feel like it and that each PO can ask what they like....

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              Hi all, i've also been informed that we CAN insure econoparcel again. The option is available on their system again.
              The one clerk told me that SAPO realized they were losing money because clients opted to post without insurance the past couple of weeks. i.e R19 vs R31 (+ 2%)
              SAPO saw they were losing an average of R12 per parcel due to their own greediness. This is obviously not their formal reason for the switch-back....

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