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  • Insurance charges

    Ive looked at the shipping charges tutorial, but plz help.

    Below is an example of my shipping charges,
    With the insurance option,

    if i add 2% insurance charge
    is it correct below, that i said 0.02%, or should it say 2%??

    so is the insurance price automatically added onto the R25 by bidorbuy ?
    so it will be included automatically in the total amount that the buyer must pay?

    Shipping & Other Charges

    Postal (less than 1 kg) + Tracking numberR25.00 for the first item
    additional items free
    Insurance is charged at an additional 0.02% of the order value

    Postal (more than one kg) + Tracking numberR30.00 for the first item
    R5.00 each additional item

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    Hi there.. You need to add 2%, not 0,02% for insurance.. I don't use the bidorbuy postage system, so not sure if it's added on automatically, but I think it is as long as you've stated the percentage..
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      I use the automatic system, but not the insurance option.
      I find that buyers that want insurance want it for the total transaction including postage, not just the sale price. I inform my buyers to manually add on 2% if they want insurance as the system calculates insurance on the sale price only excluding postage.


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        Like Kebs, I also put my own postage amounts in the adverts for each item, seeing as I sell a variety of things and whereas a heavy candle would cost R45.00, a postage stamp would go registered mail for well under R20.00 (depending on the size of the envelope).
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          the bobpay system automatically calculates the insurance amount, based on the percentage you entered. It SHOULD only be 2% as the postoffice doesn't charge more. (although some sellers push their luck way too far, some charging up to 10% extra.) Nice move to cover bob commission fees.... Hmmm..... lol
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            @ Amanda: You're right on with your guess about sellers trying to cover their costs by charging excessive shipping fees. It is against BoB rules and I firmly believe that sellers who try this should be banished. And I fully agree that if an item sells on auction for R1.00, even if it is worth R10 000.00, it is a sale concluded and the seller is duty-bound to send it to the buyer.
            Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world.
            Today I am wise and am changing myself.