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  • waiting time??

    I have recently paid for items bought on 19th and 25th october, thats nearly 3 weeks ago. what is the normal waiting period, should i be concerned.

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    The posting period depends on the seller. What is their postage terms listed on the auction? Most sellers post items within 5 working days after payment has cleared but some sellers who do drop shipping has a longer waiting period. First determine the auction details and contact the seller. If you get no joy, contact Bid or Buy for assistance. Good Luck!


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      i normally try and post as soon as possible even if my shipping options says specific dates. contact the seller maybe he has a problem. i have a problem when it is raining cause the shop where i get my boxes from is outside and if the boxes is wet they are useless. i also work by myself so i do fall behind with parcels due to the fact that i have i have to try and list photograph and do housework every day so give the seller a bit of slack, if seller does not respond to emails i would get worried


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        Your item should have shipped within two working days - unless the seller only ships on certain days. Once the item has been sent it takes on average 5 working days to get to any SA destination.

        If the items do not arrive by Friday - I would worry!

        Have a look at the seller's reputation - and contact them!
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          I am also fed-up with sellers that give wrong information. I mysself paid for two items from a seller on 13 and 15 October 2010. On 22 October when I send a mail to the seller to enquire about the tracking nr, I was rated and the tracking nr given in the rating.

          Needless to say - the tracking nr does not exist, the seller does not respong on my e-mails and don't answer the phone. I gave a negative rating last night to the seller - maybe something will happen now....
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