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  • What do you do with returned Parcels from Buyers?

    What do you do with Parcels that has been returned from your buyers Post Office, that they have not collected?

    Then they do not respond to the emails you send them?

    My collection is getting a little too big!

    How long do you wait till you can relist their winnings?

    Just interested in how many other sellers have the same issues and what do they do?


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    Hi GnJ

    Lucky for me it has only happened thrice in the past 12 months. I keep the returned parcels for 3 months with regular weekly emails to the customers (who never seem to respond or query their parcel's delivery status). Thereafter I resell the item/s. I figured if they ever do decide to contact me, then I will refund them the amount they paid.

    I think it is more a personal decision to make. If you dont have storage space left, and they STILL have not replied to your emails, messages or the occasional phonecall - then maybe resell the item/s after 6 weeks or so.

    Either way... good luck :!:
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      I have three parcels left that are unclaimed - been back with me since Sept 2007. The buyers are no longer active on BoB, and I have had zero response to correspondence.

      I was going to wait until 6 months have passed before relisting the items.
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        If you resell the item, wouldn't it be just fair to refund the "buyer"?


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          But what if you can't get hold of the buyer?

          Yes, the item has been paid for, but remains unclaimed. That is also why I have not resold the items yet even though it has been six months.

          It's a difficult situation.
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            I've had 1 for nearly a year. I have resent it back to the buyer 3 times - the last 2 times at my own cost, and had it returned every time. The buyer promised to collect it about 4 months ago from my shop. I'm in the process of closing the shop, the buyer is no longer contactable and it has cost my way more than my profit on the item to attempt to get the item to the buyer. I will be relisting it at the end of the month and no refund due as far as I'm concerned. As a seller you can only do so much to have the item delivered to your client, thereafter, you have to abdicate responsibility at some time. Two other parcels that have been returned to me somehow had been 'lost' by the post office, so the buyers were contacted and refunded and I can now relist with no misgivings. I feel you can only do so much, so if the buyer has made no attempt to get hold of the seller in 6 months, I feel it fair that the seller go ahead and relist the item.
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              It totally beats me that someone buys an item and just "forget" about it.

              May I never get that "deurmekaar".

              And, yes, I see the sellers point of view. You can only do so much.

              I hope nobody wil ever have to beg me to collect my purchases!


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                It happened to me as well and since the shipping had only been paid once, I waited 1 month after contacting the buyer (inactive) and then relisted the item. Posting something over and over again only ends up costing the seller. :?
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                  Gee thanks for the feed back,
                  So I am not the only one sitting with returned parcels.
                  I have another at the Post Office now, she was saying we are going to have to pay the return postage of R14.63.
                  Now I think that is a bit unfair. I have never had to pay before so will check on it.
                  Any one else had to pay for returned postage??

                  Oh yes Postage is going up 1 April 2008.


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                    No, that is unfair in my eyes :!:

                    Once upon a time I asked our beloved post office why the rates are so high when it comes to registered / insured parcels. And I can clearly remember that they told be its to cover THEIR costs, incase the parcel gets returned to the original sender.

                    If they want to start something then they must answer this:
                    Why dont we have to pay if a normal snail mail letter gets returned to sender :?:

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                      I had to pay for a parcel to be returned to me recently as the post office said they can not afford to carry the costs of having the item re-sorted etc.
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                        Now what do you do if the customer told you not to post she will collect which is fine, but now her phone has been off for a week no reply to emails and I cannot take it to her as the only address I have is a PO BOX.

                        This is her Wedding Gown and it has been hanging in my house for 2 weeks I cannot get hold of this woman.

                        What do you suggest? :?

                        Oh and the Gown is fully paid for.


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                          Eeeekk !!

                          Now thats a tough one :?

                          I dont think there is much you can do, except send emails and/or voicemails. There is only SO MUCH that we as sellers can do without incurring even more expenses than usual.

                          Basically Emerald, if you know you have tried everything to contact the buyer, then your side is clean. Now it is up to her to get back to you.

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                            My cell bill is running high phoning almost begging people to pay or collect.

                            But what should I do keep it for a while and resell, just keep the thing until she decides to collect or phone me one day. There is no way for me to track her. This is really upsetting me to a point that I am not sleeping well. I need to sort this out before we go away.

                            I know that it should not upset me so much but this woman paid a small fortune for the gown ( +- R3000.00). She has not even phoned to follow up like all my other clients.


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                              Unfortunately I dont think you should resell it, since she has already paid for it in full. That could cause complications later on.

                              My suggestion would be that you keep it untill she contacts you :?

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