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  • Why must i pay for two diffrent shipping for one item

    Hi guys, i bought an item and payd for speed service. After paying the seller told me that he's ording the item from his supplier in chaina. A week later seller needed my physical address saying that he is using a diffrent shiping. Now on the third week some people phoned me saying i have to pay R217 to the dhl express for them to deliver my trying to contact the seller but he's not responding. Im now confusd i cant even get the phone numbers of dhl express to get more info about the item.

    Can someone give me the phone numbers of the dhl express for me to check that do they realy have my item.

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    this looks like drop shipping which is not allowed on bob unless bob has verified the seller for drop shipping.i suggest you contact bid or buy directly about this.


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      This type of Seller is a shame to BoB and needs to be reprimanded. Hope you have reported the entire incident to
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        @ t626 - Just Google "DHL South Africa" - all the contact info is there.

        Also bear in mind that the "extra" money that needs to be paid could be for customs and VAT charges associated with the import of goods - which is over and above the shipping costs - ask for an Invoice, then you can see what it is for.
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          However seller should have stated in the listing that items would be sropshipped and import/ customs fees would be payable, it may influence the buyers desicion to bid..
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