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  • What to do?

    Harumphh! What do I do when a package shows as being at a customer's post office but it is nowhere to be found?

    First the customer was told it was picked up by someone else, then the post office phones them to tell them no sorry but it has been sent back, which surely in that case should then be scanned once more into the system for its return.

    Track and trace shows that the first notice has been issued and the parcel unclaimed. In the meantime this buyer is insisting on a refund or replacement (failure to read my terms and conditions).

    Sellers SHOULD NOT be held responsible or at fault for SAPO shortcomings - this is starting to become an issue. I state clearly in listings that the RISK and the ONUS lies with the buyer. As far as I know it is Adults that are buying, and as Adults they make the CHOICE whether or not to take the risk. They have to just accept that and from now on I will send a scanned copy of the PO Receipt with a repeat of my terms and conditions to each buyer.

    Surely we are all old enough to decide whether we should jump into a snake pit or not - well same goes for SAPO postage. So to all Buyers:
    If you want it, and you are willing to take the RISK of having it sent via SAPO, then the ONUS lies on YOU should any problems arrive - you don't like it, then don't bid on my goods!

    *steam vented
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    If you sent the package by econo or ordinary parcel post, the Post Office will refund you (after many forms, discussions and some months) up to R100.00.

    Once a parcel has left your hands and you have proof of posting, the onus is on the buyer to take the loss - not the seller - and I think both buyer and seller will need to work together to convince the PO that they need to cough up if they can't hand over the parcel! My beak's worth on this ...!
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      thats a joke . Thats why I say no no to SAPO