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  • Shipping charges - NO WAY

    Howdy everyone :)

    Won 2 items on Wacky Wednesday and came online this morning to make order completions and payment.

    Only to my suprise i find myself in a little shock of shipping.

    I asked the seller a question yesterday regarding shipping - for the price of speed service which she replied is R65 and she states auction can be combined within 7 days.

    So winning the auction which one item is a watch and the other auction is 10 Micro figures ( 6cm each )

    So thinking to myself that R65 speed service for combined items which I think does not way more then 1kg if so i would pay speed service fee for 2kg or so which is under R100.

    But now comes the snap - Order completion total is R215 for items

    but postage is R234 Registered Mail

    Have to pick it cant skip and put in R65 at shipping like always.

    So this means I got to pay R449

    This is really over charging by far.

    This new shipping method of bob is causing just more troubles - but if sellers give the option of Speed service they should add it to the list of there shipping options!

    Now what to do since I can't complete order

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    Get hold of or and ask for help. You can also call BoB on 0861-880-861 and they should be able to help you instantly. Good luck

    Your ratings are excellent and you're a long-time BoB user. What are the Sellers ratings?
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      Thanks for the reply, yes the seller is a good seller as i can see with Rating - 99.76%

      5045 since 28 Aug 2007 - So this is a good seller in my view

      But i am busy sorting this out with seller hopefully it will come to conclusion :)

      Thanks again for info, much appreciated


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        Oops my bad lol :P I see it has a nifty function

        Please Note
        You selected a shipping method with a calculated shipping cost of ZAR234.50 .
        Only alter this amount if there are alternative charges specified by the seller.

        So no worries - all these new things in bob lol