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  • Dual View DSTV Satelite Dish

    Dual view satelite dish wanted (Durban). Secondhand / reasonably priced

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    Hi p850,

    Why not try your luck on this one, postage is only R100....
    PVR & HD Decoders - SD PVR DECODER (DUAL VIEW + RECORD) for sale in Johannesburg (ID:26881849)
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      Thanks Admin but I'm only looking for the dish (compatible with PVR DSTV)


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        Hi p850,

        Apologies, I misread your post.

        Speaking from a layman's point of view, do you not just have to replace your existing LNB ?
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 - Africa's largest market place.
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          Uhmmm...No I wouldn't think so I need something to receive signal as it's really bad where we are - you need a 20m pole for the antennae. We have a decoder but not any kind of dish.


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            I take it you have a dstv PVR decoder?-You will need professional installation of the dish and lnb for this item as you need a satellite meter to install the dish and lnb correctly-Do not buy a 2nd hand dish as any slight dents will render the dish useless-There are different size dishes-60cm being mostly used but if circumstances warrant it then 90cm will be used for better reception.
            Also there are mild steel,fibreglass,aluminiun and stainless steel dishes on offer-IF you are on the coast then fibre glass is recommended or stainless steel but these are more expensive-With the pvr decoder you need a dual lnb-I suggest you contact an installation company in your area and have the installation done correctly or you may well end up wasting your time and money.


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              Hello Neil

              Can I deduct that there is, except me, another ex-electronics guy now selling stamps in a serious manner? If I am right, is this a new world record?


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                HI JACQUES
                Yes you are correct-I did have among others an electronics business up till a year ago-I now do stamps full time having sort of retired myself from the rat race at age 52 but seem to be in a bigger race now than ever?


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                  Accredited Installer

                  I Have an Electronics buiseness, and Multichoice accredited.
                  I would suggest 2 options. Either way you would need the Twin LNB for the Recording functions to work.

                  1) 2nd Hand Dish and twin LNB. Problem with that is how old is the LNB ? do it have any cracks or sun damage ? if any water can get into the LNB via either the casting or the cap they LNB won't last long at all. This is the cheaper route but in the end costing double. You could go to game get a special ( single view decoder and dish and installation ) they had for around R600.00 and add an extra Twin LNB. Then sell the extra Decoder and Single LNB in BOB to recover some costs.

                  2) Call an ACCREDITED installer or agent to install a dish for you. This will be more secure but also more costly, and you know there wont be any problems.

                  We do have 2nd hand equipment i can list on bob if anyone is interested.

                  Installing your Dish : The Sat sits at approx 68 Degrees North East. you can set up you dish according. Connect your dish to your decoder and go into Menu and signal detection. Move your dish up and down till you get the highest signal strength. Then comes Signal Quality. Your LNB pending on make and model sits offset, turn it till you get 100% Quality, This is Called the Scew. if the Scew is wrong you will have blanks on some channels... eg.. Animal planet. The Scew aligns you Vertical and Horizontal.
                  Make sure when connection the "f-connections" ( silver plugs on either side " that none of the strands are touching the copper centre core. If they do, you will loose channels or not get anything at all.

                  Hope this Helps abit.
                  Good Luck


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                    Thanks for all the info. I will just have to wait & buy new then. I'm still in shock from the R1500 fine for jumping an orange robot that the cop insists was red My first fine in 7 years, was quite painful!