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  • Reck Miami 92F Signal Pistol

    Hi all,

    Have been browsing the net for the better half of today looking for help.

    I cannot find any legislation, legal documents or restrictions that relate to the operation of Signal pistols.

    I'm going to be filming a few "action" clips for a private security company and I need to get hold of a few signal pistols to use as props.

    After a brief search, I came across: Reck Miami 92F

    Now I want to know a few things,

    Where do you think I could purchase this from? I managed to find a random German site, but not too confident ordering from there.

    And do you think I would need some sort of special license for it?



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    See this link, maybe this is what you want?
    Other Airsoft - Berreta M92F - Spring - BB Metal Pistol!! Shoots BB!! Paint Ball!! Metal Ball!! for sale in Johannesburg (ID:27300800)


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      Hi afriventure,

      Thank you for posting that link :).

      I have managed to source some of the firearms, and because they are considered "flare/signal guns" no license is required!

      If all goes well at customs etc, I might even list a few on BoB, I'm pretty sure they will be quite a hit, because you can also purchase Pepper and CS Gas rounds for self defense purposes (See picture below), so be on the look out!