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  • Winter warmers - unusual ear muffs, hats etc

    Hi ya

    Its been a rainy Easter weekend so I was looking for unique warm woolen items for the months ahead. I haven't seen any of these in the clothing section for sale. I'm sure those of you with suppliers from overseas can source things like this:

    Ear muffs on head bands

    Ear muffs with jacks for music players/ipods

    Chullo hats with the ear flaps - they are so rad!

    Ladies driving gloves - old fashioned leather ones with the little holes

    I guess some retro men would like the gloves too, not just ladies.

    I was so happy when I saw a few sellers have stocked Snuggies/Slankets! I've already ordered a red one.

    If anyone starts selling these items go ahead & reply to this thread & post your links. I'm very happy to support y'all instead of buying directly from overseas.

    Have a very warm winter everyone.
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    I can supply you with the snuggie blanket
    colours availible brown blue and red and somethimes pink aswell depending on the supplier
    Here is a link to them
    Accessories - THE BLANCKET THAT HAS SLEEVES !!!! SNUGGIE for sale in Carltonville