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  • Video game posters wanted


    I see a lot of movie posters but does anyone sell video game posters?

    Either on here or elsewhere you might've seen em for sale.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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    Hi . I have a couple of new game posters that i can sell to you through bid or buy . What tipe of Game posters do you want . How much you're willing to pay for 1 . Thanks


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      Hi there

      Thanks for the reply. Well im not sure bout what type? I have regular movie poster size in mind. (Bigger would be great)

      Which games do you have posters for?

      As far as price goes... im not too sure. I think posters sell for around R60 in shops... but you name your price and i'll let you know what I think?

      A list of which games are featured on the posters will also help me decide hwo much im willing to pay.

      :) thanks again.