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  • "Vintage Iron"

    I am desparately wanting a "vintage" - 50s to ? iron. Westpoint as example. It has a complete temperature switch and irons like a dream. I do not like steam irons -- too big and too clumsy --- someone must have one stuck away somewhere ... in 100% working condition
    please ? kitsykatsy

    The iron i am wanting to buy (through bob) must be available as in plenty ! It is the electric iron that was still in use before the steam iron hit
    all households ----- that something you could not do without dol ! PLEASE all have a second look in mom's cupboard - maybe ask mom !They are small, electric, base coated aluminium, with black handle and as said above, have a temperature dial - pls and thanx

    One last desparate try ........ the iron is a normal kitchen appliance ... it is called a DRY IRON AND IS AUTOMATIC. It is electric. I called it vintage because everything, if you are yet to reach the age of thirty, is sold as 'vintage" lol ..... some things classified as vintage not even my grandmother wore or used --- another lol !! No serious this is a puullease !!!!!
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    Hi Kitsykatsy I have a "old" electric iron, rather small, believe it is a travelling iron as the handle folds flat, if I recall correctly. It is packed away some where in my garage. If your are interested let me know and I will go look for it and then give you a more detailed discription. If my memory does not fail me it is still in its original box and hardly been used. I wait out o hear from you. Regrads Dan


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      Hello Dan, I have only now seen your reply to my request for an old iron. So sorry about that. I don't think you have what i am looking for sadly. Yes it sound like yours is a travelling iron. What i am looking for is an old iron that is automatic but is not a steam iron. They preceded the "age" of the steam iron. Thanx for all though. kitsykatsy:)